The (First) 10 Commandments of Marriage

Ain't love grand?

  1. Share. Your time, your things, your money. Don’t like to share? Stay single. I’m sure you and your stuff will be very happy together.


40 is Dead. Long Live the 40′s!

Thinking Woman

At first turning 40 was a lot like the Y2K. All sizzle and no flash; a relief, but also perversely disappointing.  A good 4, 5 months went by before I realized it just hadn’t pounced yet.


My Teen Mantra

The most terrifying part of parenting a teenager is that I remember being one so well.teenage boy

Perfectly, in fact; and in nerve-wracking detail.  Midnights by the firepits at Earl Bales; Laser Floyd at McLaughlin Planetarium; Sunday nights at RPM. The smoky, bass-throbbing house parties; the impromptu road trips; the 3 a.m. strolls through downtown. I remember them all – and everything in between. Especially everything in between. I remember how we were – my friends and  I – and the things we did. I remember the chances we took, and the logic we used to justify them – and it scares the sh*t out of me. Because I have a teenage son. More

Whining: How To Make Your Child Stop

In a nutshell: Stop Feeding Into It.irritated mom

Every kid whines when they’re tired, or hungry, or in any other circumstance an adult would whine in, but on the inside.  But how long does it last?  Has whining become your child’s default form of communication?  You know if it has; what you may not know is how you are unwittingly encouraging it. More

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